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Via Mail / SP38 (danke): „I‘ve been 3 weeks ago in Seoul , Korea , for the KEAF festival. Here some photos of my works.“

SuperBlast Berlin Wall

Superblast via Streetfiles: „SuperBlast Berlin Wall (flying)“:

Wurstbande & KK Hope @ Sichtbeton

WurstBande, Fogel Junge und KK Hope auf dem Sichtbeton-Festival in Dresden:

Photo: All rights reserved by Kid Kyuss Hope & The Flash Boys.

The Antics Roadshow

..hier ein neuer Link zu Banksy´s 1-stuendiger Doku ueber kreativen Ungehorsam im oeffentlichem Raum (via Urbanshit // hier noch ein Link zu Youtube):

Via Channel4: „An hour-long special made by Banksy charting the history of behaving badly in public, from anarchists and activists to attention seeking eccentrics. (..)“


Neues gespruehtes Portrait von MTO in Berlin – diesmal: NEOZOON!

Streetart-Werbung fuer die Polizei in Neuseeland

Anscheinend wirbt die Polizei in Neuseeland mit Streetart fuer sich (via und mehr Bilder, danke Falk) (hier das Making-of auf Youtube das UNDENK schon gebloggt hatte):


Ein Bild fuer diesen lauen Sommer (via Boogieman @ Streetfiles): „YOU CANT BUY HAPPINESS. BUT YOU CAN BUY ICEREAM. AND THATS KIND OF THE SAME THING“:

Paper Works @ Circle Culture

Via Mail & Facebook:

Paper Works

Opening: 18th August 7pm
Hours: 19th – 2nd September 2011, Tue – Sat 12 – 6pm
Location: Circleculture Gallery

Circleculture Gallery is pleased to announce its upcoming group show Paper Works. The exhibition focuses on paper as a medium, its extensive variety and creative potential.

Paper is one of the oldest mediums in visual art and gained its most influence through techniques such as letter pressing and the graphic arts. Within the twentieth century paper’s role as a neutral carrier of paint and text decreased and instead it was the material itself that became of importance. Nowadays, especially amongst Urban Artists, paper has again become a significant medium, from graphic design and illustration, to silkscreen printing and wheat paste cut outs and posters in the streets.

Paper Works will showcase explorations of the medium from Christian Awe, Kelsey Brookes, Jaybo Monk, XOOOOX, Katrin Fridriks, Stefan Strumbel, Anthony Lister, Kevin Earl Taylor, Anton Unai, Marco Grassi, Various & Gould, Aaron Rose and Oskar. Through the presentation of different techniques and concepts this exhibition of paperworks makes one thing sure: paper works.