Various & Gould im Kosovo / Bilder

Bilder vom (hier erwaehntem) Workshop mit Various & Gould (Website) (Facebook) im Kosovo (via FB):

„From 23rd of July until 1st of August we‘ve been part of the international workshop “DE/CONSTRUCTING Identities” in Prizren (Kosovo), in which we‘ve been leading the street art section. We had a great time with the group!!

The workshop was organized by the forumZFD (Forum Ziviler Friedensdienst / Civil Peace Service) and led by Jane Viola Felber, Dragana Milutinovic, Abdullah Ferizi, Nehari Sharri and others.

The workshop took place at the same time as DOKUFEST which meant a great inspiration for the participants. Transforming the understanding of identities as ever changing results of social interaction into an art technique, a group of 25 young people from the Western Balkans and Germany deconstructed their identities along a technique that is known from children’s books or phantom view catalogues. The faces are horizontally cut in stripes, so that you can rearrange them in endless variations. In addition there are a series of words (marking one’s identities) so that you can replace some parts of the face.


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