Errinnert sich noch wer an MEGUNICA? MEGUNICA war der Name der Doku von Lorenzo Fonda ueber eine Reise mit BLU durch Sued-Amerika. Und jetzt, nach Jahren des Wartens, kam diese Rundmail:

yes, you read it right, you can now watch the documentary film Megunica online, starting from today, June 22nd 2011.
directed by Lorenzo Fonda, the film tells the story of a trip he took with artist BLU in Central and South America, in order to produce art inspired by the places they went through.

the nice folks at TV has setup a page with the full director’s cut stream and an interview with director Lorenzo Fonda.

watch full film and read the interview here

feel free to let all your friends know by forwarding this email or tweeting or liking the Wired page on Facebook.

thanks for you patience, we love you and always will.

the Megunica Team“

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