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Archiv für Oktober 2009

Gimp Graffiti Tutorial

OhReally?: Graffiti Tutorial – Fake Dir die schönsten Trainfotos…

Image a World without Streetfiles

Streetfiles ist ab jetzt (10:00uhr) unter dem Motto „Image a World without Streetfiles“ fuer 24 Stunden offline. Die Aktion weil immer noch „coole“ Sponsoren zur Unterstuetzung gesucht werden und die jetztigen Server- & TrafficKosten aus eigener Tasche nicht mehr tragbar sind. Hinterlasst eure Nachricht in der Box.

„We are taking a day off to get some attention on this: We really need financial support to continue Streetfiles. And we ask you to help (..)“

Nomad @ Circle-Culture-Gallery

Nomad wird ab dem 30.Oktober fuer 2 Monate in der Circle-Culture-Galerie ausstellen. Hier die Infos: „Die Circleculture Gallery freut sich, ihre erste Einzelausstellung mit dem Künstler Nomad anzukündigen. Als ursprünglicher Street Artist hat er durch interaktive Projekte im Innen- und Außenraum seine Ausdrucksvarianten konzeptionell und technisch weiterentwickelt: Writing und Street Art paaren sich mit Poesie und klassischer Malerei. (read on…)

Evol @ Point Ephémère

Neues von Evol: „johan tamer-morael and alexandra senes invited me to paint a 13*3,5m big mural at point ephémère as part of the slick art fair in paris. a beautiful place with a great athmosphere and great people. far too much work though for so little time i have to say … “

Skalitzers Art Theft

Via: Skalitzers Art Theft // The recent show at Skalitzers by Cope2 was a great success, capturing the attention of a broad audience in Berlin, as the first in a series of shows demonstrating the significance on the tag. We‘re apparently not the only ones who share this view, as on Friday night, a group of thieves broke into the gallery on Skalitzer Str and took off with the greater part of the works from the Cope2 show.

A group of four men were spotted with the works on the U-bahn between Kottbusser Tor and Hermanplatz, and according to a conversation they had with a witness, are believed to have targeted the gallery specifically for the works by Cope2. Berlin police are currently on the hunt for the tags.

Of all the works on display for the exhibition, only 4 remain and will be featured at the upcoming Stroke01 art fair in Munich from October 29-31.

The gallery is determined to retrieve the missing works and is offering a reward, no questions asked, for their return. If anyone has any further information, please contact kelly@skalitzers.com.

Os GEmeos The Twins Graffiti


ZASD ARROW PIECES @ Urban-Art.info

Mail: Neue Arbeiten von ZASD. Wir laden herzlich ein zur Ausstellungseröffnung, diesen Freitag, 30.10.09, ab 19:00 Uhr. (read on…)

SuperBlast: The Shadow Of The Future

SuperBlast: The Shadow Of The Future
In the exhibition „Sister Cities – Los Angeles/Berlin“
at the Merry Karnowsky Gallery
Torstrasse 175, D-10115 Berlin-Mitte

Show is extended until 7 November 2009

SuperBlast – creates artwork themed around psychological archetypes,
fictional mythologies and his personal utopia.