Dave Decat & SuperFatCat in Hamburg

Zwei weitere Termine aus Hamburg: Am 23.05.09 wird SuperFatCat in der Assoonas-Gallery und Dave Decat ab dem 30.05.09 in der Vicious-Gallery ausstellen. Zu beidem mehr im Anhang:


Dave Decat from Brussels, Belgium in our eyes is one of the best illustrators of today. He has gained world- wide recognition through the two carharrt- campaignes that he has done. His prolific style combined with the rough and dirty characters that remind us of the evilness of our race are one-of-a-kind. We are really happy to be the first to realize a solo- show with him. He will be showing original drawings and a series of 12 motives which are printed signed and framed and limited to three copies of each.

Of course, most galleries have high expections with all of there artists, but in this case, we are really convinced that Dave will be having his absolute breakthrough soon…

But as we all know: time will tell…
Mehr zu Dave gibts hier auf der Vicious-Website!


SuperFatCat Ausstellung
von 23.05.2009 – 05.06.2009

Vernissage und Geburtstagsfeier am 23.05.2009 ab 18 Uhr

assoonas Gallery / Wohlersallee 48 / Ecke Dohrnweg
5 min. von der Sternbrücke

Öffnungszeiten Do-Fr-Sa 17:30 – 20:30 Uhr

Musikalische Untermalung: SFC
Nen chicen Flyer gibts hier!

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