Vicious-Gallery / Smash 137

Der schweizer Smash 137 wird ab dem 25.04. in der Vicious-Gallery in Hamburg ausstellen! Aus dem Newsletter:

Next saturday!
SMASH 137!- He or at least his artworks should be well known by most of you.
Since nearly 2 decades he is one of the most notorious graffiti writers out there.
He did countless pieces and tags all over the globe…
Now, after having recovered from his huge trial in Switzerland and his very successful last exhbition, also in Switzerland,
he will be showing brand- new stuff at our gallery.

Besides that we are really happy that the authors of the book Action Painting, which definitely is one of the best books in the sector of
trainwriting these days, have asked us to hold the official book relase at our gallery on saturday.
Therefore you will be able to be amongst the first who can get their hands on this masterpiece, even for a promotional price ;)

See you on saturday, or on our homepage and the virtual shop,
Vicious Gallery Team
preview Action Painting:

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2 Antworten auf “Vicious-Gallery / Smash 137”

  1. Gravatar Icon 1 runtoline 22. April 2009 um 12:39 Uhr

    sehr geil – muss man eigentlich hin! Danke für die Info!

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