First international Money printing Contest

INTERNATIONALES DRUCKFESTIVAL 2009: Von Ende April bis Anfang Juni findet in Berlin das erste internationale Screenprinting Festival & Performancetage statt. Organisiert von der Fleischerei-Crew in ihren neuen Raeumen: CzENTRIFUGA, Mariannenplatz 21 in 10997 Berlin (24.4.09 – 01.06.09).

Ich glaub´ Kuenstler_innen udn Projekte werden auch noch gesucht.. / Mehr Infos gibts hier im Forum.

Artist information:

In times of glossy computer and offset printing, our general intension is to highlight and present the many different, older printing techniques: screenprint, woodcut, linolium cut, etching, lithographie, even potato print, to remind us of their unique and intense beauty.
By engaging artists from subcultural, autodidactic backgrounds together with those from traditional educations, we wish to present an international spectrum, of contemporary handmade works that often relate to historical and social issues, as well as provoking a deeper connection and, not least,
an often humourous look into the every day life of different cultures. Presentations of posters, banners, collages, books and other printed materials and objects, manifesting in different locations around the center of Berlin, are already planned.

we have developed a special D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) culture at our exhibitions and performance and live concerts will take a bigger part in this happening. There will be several openings and the center of the festival will be “Tag der Arbeitslosen” (day of the unemployed) on 2nd May . We hope to take part at the parade that day and organize a performance event that day or and the 3.rd of may.
All this is the wider frame of the ‚Internationales Druckfestival‘, where ideally, as many printers as possible will present themselves. we ‚re still lacking in etching and lithoghraphic artists and are open for suggestions and input. So far we have choosen to invite artists and performers that we have met on our journeys and shows. artists we feel connected to and also their friends.
we like to give all artists a place to sleep Our capacities of accomodation are various, but limited, so if you have possibilities for sleeping of your own, it would help a lot.

Apart from the organised exhibitions , this will turn out as a series of events over 1 and ½ months with additional artists and galeries joining in in a selforganized way.

Artists so far:


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