ABC Refreshing …a thaw has set in.

Ueberdose: the Periodic Überdose ABC BERLIN Refreshing Prozess Januar2oo9
has only just begun & well begun is half done ;)

so far we completed part ONE // A // &B
.. a little rhapsody, please!!

here are some of our favs 4JUST & 4YOU that are worth a try
[1UP] [ANGST] [BROA] [BABBO] [all the BIRDS] & [BIMERs]

our most recent jiggy gadgets after the relounch are
SLIPPY DIASHOWS [e.g. > BROM (cooliris is possible for 3D-wallWatching!!]
& a cozy EASY UPLOAD STREAM, so feel free to come around, your eyes will pop out of your head!!

26 letters / 26days …better like Xmas, isn‘t it?
…home street home

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