Oh, Streetart-Wichteln!

…heisst doch so, oder? Alle machen allen kleine Geschenke zu Weihnachten :-) Die „We are Friends“ nennen es „Mystery Christmas Exchange“, verbinden das ganze mit einer Ausstellung in der Banditen-Bar in Essen und laden alle ein mitzumachen! Infos im Anhang (join!!!)

- We are Friends / myspace
- Banditen wie wir / myspace

WE ARE FRIENDS are calling for your submissions! In a few months, the time of love and ultra love is coming again, CHRISTMAS TIME! For this special time, WE ARE FRIENDS wants to make a big group show here is Essen at the Banditen wie wir Bar

Everyone can take part.

The Rules:

1. You paint two different canvases at the set size of 20cm square.
Both canvases with be shown
2. One of the canvases will be for sale at the bar for a set price of
20 Euros, one size one price.
3. The other canvas is for a mystery canvas exchange between the
artists involved. You won‘t know which you‘ll recieve.
4. The money make from the sale of the canvases will pay for the postage
of the mystery exchange.

If you want to take part just contact: love(youknowthesign)loverambo.com


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