Elzo & Oreli im Supalife

HEUTE (22.08.08) startet die Ausstellung „ORÉLI & ELZO / Sérigraphies extraordinairement colorées, anatomiques, surrealistiques, oniriques & terribles“ im Suplalife in Berlin! Infos (via Mail, thx Bizi):

VERNISSAGE: FRIDAY, 22nd of AUGUST 2008, 7 pm

EXHIBITION: 23rd of AUGUST 2008 – 27th of SEPTEMBER 2008

Oréli (alias Aurélie Henquin)
After being apprenticed as painter and years of studies of graphics and screenprint, Oréli plays with many visual options. Mixing modern drawings, american comics from the 70s and children’s stories she creates as much magic and naive as vicious and violent natured worlds, phantastic and uncontrollable universes and thus reluming a longing for dreams and images of infancy and its fairy and scary tales.

Elzo Durt
Born in 1980 in Brussels/Belgium and soon deeply marked by his father’s punkrock record collection covers and gig posters, Elzo early developed a passion for graphic arts and quickly wanted to exploit all this imagery. Inspired mostly by Belgian culture, Elzos most important references are American comics, Russian constructivists, punks, Japonising aesthetics, pop art, art nouveau, art deco, mostly 60%u2019s psychedelic art and last but not least %u2018Le Dernier Cri%u2019, a French publishing house/art collective consisting of a spectrum of edgy talents from Europe, Japan, the States and Canada.

* * * * * delicious sound support by THE MONO KID (goldmund) * * * * *

for further information on the artists please check


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