EVOL / Flamingo Beach Lotel



today i´ve been to the „flamingo beach lotel“ wich is located in berlin neukoelln. it´s a hotel but even more an art space – every room is designed by different artists such as evol, gould, papergirl, bild, my monsters, danny gretscher, klub7, solovei and zonenkinder (list).

flamingo beach lotelit was an amazig and very nice experience – i strongly recommend this project and if you´re around berlin make sure you´re going to jump by or even book a sleeper for your stay!!

edit: to help the people getting more autonomous and for buying more and more parts of the house the hotel is located in you might call the following number – hear sich ein woechentlich fortsetzendes hoerspiel and do your donation (read the conditions!): Tel.: 0900 / 32 32 123

edit2: i did a bunch of pictures but messed them all up(!!) – some more can be found at this flickr-set. next days hopefully in a higher quality.

links: website of the „flamingo beach lotel“.
photos showing: evols designed corridor (evol´s website).

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