laser einstein

bored kommt keine ahnung woher, aber von ihm sind die bislang kleinsten schablonen ever. hab die technik nicht ganz verstanden – irgendwas mit molekuelen und einem modifiziertem mikroskop. mehr zu lesen gibts dazu – hier – .

„(…)when these molecules bond to each other and form a network, the material becomes insoluble. this reaction can be induced by electrons flying through the material. focused beam of electrons acts just like a very sharp x-acto knife, which if handled properly can cut out very small patterns.(…)“



(…)bor*d dares to go a step further and explore lithography currently used for making electronic components. as you are reading this, your computer is sending millions of electric signals through microscopic parts of your computer’s processor. have you ever wondered how those are made? bor*d has borrowed the concept and tweaked it to fabricate microscopic stenciled artpieces.(…)

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