im urlaub? ..vielleicht in italien?
vom 2. bis zum 14. dezember stellt nomad im RMX in milano aus.

NOMAD will skip back to the original concept of his first Soloshow in Berlin, in 2004, entitled „THE ART OF LOSING IT“.
nomadThe title reflects his line of work, and of countless other artists that work on the street, „losing“ their art to the corrosion, the tides of time, to collectors, renovation or the citycleaners. (…)

(…)He displays his work in artgallerys from Reykyavik to Tokyo, never forgetting where he came from, still bombing city streets, wherever he goes. His emphasis lies on individual expression, and not in endless repetition or calculated fame.
2004, At the peak of the „Streetart“ hype, NOMAD took his Website offline, to demonstrate that art was about individual expression , communication and the aspect of giving without expectations, and not about the artist advertising
He currently still lives and works in Berlin, doing art, spinning records or producing music.

auf der ak-47 seite ist der ganze text – liest sich echt witzig ;)

link zur seite des biokip.
link zum nomad flickr-pool
und zu seiner gallerie auf ryc.

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