…is a live video installation, where live painted images and videoloops are merged and mixed with prerecorded digital images producing a direct visual respons of the music tweaking and manipulating the visual sources.


ein paar texte zum background des projekts -copy & paste von deren seite. wer keine lust hat soviel zu lesen, sollte sich die beiden videos anschauen.. die geben auch genug ueber deren arbeit her -ich finds super.. cu.

We are writing the year 2006.
Our cities don‘t stop growing. momo1030New urban surfaces are constructed everyday. Digital technology is developing in a tremendous speed. Laptops and software are getting more powerful every minute increasing their field of application.
Going out and write your name or put a sticker on a traffic light seems one possibility not to lose yourself in this jungle. Hit the streets artistically and leave the elite art cycles behind you, because every seed had the right to grow.
Out of the subway into club. Loud bumpy beats smashing against your eardrum. Drugged people shaking to the sound of Dj spinning his dubplates. Live performing Vj generating warm analogue tags mixed over digital images.
Producing a continuously video image collage for the party people. That is what’s all about:
„breaking down the moment and create a shared experience“
Things didn‘t change for decades. We are only adapting to our new environment transforming creativity and fantasy.

momo1030I started doing digital visuals in Vienna the year 2000-2001. With the growing offer of visual software and better laptop performance, it was possible to use live cams as digital input source and manipulate them live to the music. During that time also my interest for urban art did grow constant. After seeing motion theories nike presto clip, the live painting shows of the hvw8-crew and barnstormers motion painting, my idea of combining digital (animations) and analog (paint) sources in a night club was getting clearer.2

link zu der momo1030.com/drawrevolution -site.



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