SAJ. V.3

bald gibts in warschau die dritte „street_art_jam“!

there’s a place on the globe called warsaw, the capital city of poland.
we can bet you knew this but don’t think to heard the news about 3rd warschau3edition of street art jam here soon. the character of the event is pretty specific because it’s not legal.
we don’t have permission from the municipal office to act in the place we wanted to and this is the reason we decided to start plan ‘b’.
saj v.3 will take place on location of abandoned industrial buildings 7-th of october, in warsaw.

(…)if you have some questions, ideas, want to help in some way or to participate write: vlepvnet[beztego]
soon more information…

saj.v.3 info site
das erste saj(street_art_jam) meeting
und das zweite (nur in polnisch)




thx booty :)

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