…“how to“: wasserfeste sticker at home?

how to make waszerfeste sticker at home?
das erste turtorial ist auf „codo´s“ flickr released und das zweite weiter unten linkt cupk´s seite (aufjedenfall mal rein gucken)!

Materials: Fixatives and varnishes
sticker„This I think is one of the most important steps to making sure your sticker survives the weather. I typically start with a acrylic varnish and then finish with liquitex gloss varnish. The acrylic has UV protection and makes sure the inks will not bleed when the gloss varnish is applied. The gloss varnish creates a rubbery coating which stops the rain from pulling the color out. Workable fixative can be used as substitute for the acrylic varnish. These varnishes will not hurt the adhesive on the other side of the paper either. “

Materials: Inks
sticker2„I have switched to acrylic inks for most of my stickers now. They come in a wide array of colors and metallic inks too. You just need brushes but the inks will go a long way and you do not need to be over 18 to buy them. You can also get away with being less precise as they will not typically cover the black outline you laid down.

You can get them usually at your local art store but you can also get them online at:

Materials: Markers
sticker3„There are a lot of markers out there but many of them will not stand the test of time. it needs to an oil based marker (no sharpies). A few companies that make good markers are:
Marvy Uchida Deco color – These are the best for fills and and outlines because they can cover almost anything but be wary of the fumes. Will last outside without being treated for a while.
Sharpie Oil Paint. OK for fills and outlines and less oder than Deco. Will last outside without being treated for a while.
Sharpie poster paint: good for outlines and sometime for fills. Will NOT last outside
without being treated for a while.
Elmers paint markers – These are better for outlines especially the black. Will last outside without being treated for a while.
Sakura – The make color markers and the do last once treated. I think the metallic inks are the best however.

They can be bought at certain art stores but in many places now you need to be over 18. You can also order them online at:
www.dickblick.com www.pearlpaint.com

Step 01 – Starting the Sheet
sticker4„take a full blank sheet of paper and use a pencil to draw out your initial design. By using pencil first you can correct or redraw what you do not like. You can order the paper from many source online. I use the cheap matte finish paper as it will be getting treated anyway. Do not use an ink jet because no matter what they say the ink will not survive the weather. Only laser printers and copy machines will produce a black that lasts because the ink is melted on to the paper.

Here a few places to order from:
www.onlinelabels.com www.worldlabel.com www.desktoplabels.com

Step 02: Drawing the Outline
sricker5„Drawer over pencils lines with a permanent maker “

Step 03 – Different approaches
sticker6„I use two different approaches. Sometimes I work from what I print out using a laser printer and other times I just raw it out. I find that when a lot of black is involves it’s cheaper and easier to use the laser printer out from the computer. Sometimes I will scam my drawing into the computer to reproduce later. You could also draw it out and take it to the copy shop to make copy’s on sheets of sticker paper as well. “

Step 04 – Finishing the Outlines
sticker7„outline all your drawings on the page. You can always touch up lines after your are cone coloring it. “

Step 05 – Coloring In the Design
sticker8„fill in the design. I typically use the inks because they end up being cheaper than the markers when covering larger areas. They also give off not fumes like the markers do. When treated properly the colors will last for quite a long time outside.“

Step 06 – Finishing the design
sticker9„After painting in the design add any decoration with paint markers. You can also do this step after spraying with workable fixative if you want to add layer of color. “

Step 07: Spraying Fixative or Acrylic Varnish
sticker10„This step is not 100% necessary. I do it so when I move to the next step of applying gloss varnish it does not bleed. This process fixes the inks into the paper. You can either use acrylic varnish or workable fixative. You need to do this outside because of the fumes. I recommend keeping an old board around or a piece of cardboard so the spray does not end up everywhere. “

Step 08: Coving with Gloss Varnish
sticker11„This process seals the inks in to protect them from the weather. Gloss varnish does not give of nasty fumes so you can use it indoors with no worry’s This I think is pretty crucial step if you want it to last outside. “

Step 09 – Cleaning Up
sticker12„Always wash your brush immediately after using the gloss varnish or you will not have brushes to use the next time. Just like the varnish will seal your piece and protect it, It will also bind your bristles of your brush. I use artists pink soap which is pretty cheap. I use to clean up after the inks and paints as well which get trapped in the bristles of the brush. You can use any time of soap .“

Step 10 – Cutting it Out
sticker keine ahnung welche nummer„Using and exacto knife cut out the design. You can either leave some white space or not at all. You could use a scissors as well. “

Step 11 – The Final Product
sticker3000„Now your ready to take it out and share it with the world.“

„This will guide you through a process I use to makes stickers. There are no absolutes to this process. This is just my interpretation on ways to create stickers that last outdoors after spending considerable time and money experimenting.“
und hier ist das flickr-set dazu: link

..und noch eine anleitung von CUPK:

viele haben mich gefragt wie man solche foliensticker, die man auf meiner seite sieht, herstellt. es gibt mehrere wege dies zu tun. einmal kann man das über dem pc (maschinell) schneiden oder selber per hand (manuell). ich persönlich mixe beides. in diesem tutorial werde ich aber erklären wie man einen simplen sticker in 3 farben manuell herstellt.

zu finden auf der pasteup-seite unter turtorials!

cupk auf ryc.
und cupk in seinem flickr.

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